Combo Pack Goldpin


Medifun Painless Combo Pack

Lancing device: 1 pc (Black or White) / box
Lancets: 200 pcs (28G or 30G) / box (steriled)

The Medifun lancing device and lancet combo pack offers you a choice of excellent value for money.

Features of Medifun lancing device

1. Ergonomic design for comfort touch: The patient’s fingertip can be comfortably placed on and fitted to the lancing device’s blood sampling surface which is of comfortable and smooth polished for improving the patient’s confidence in the product.
2. Readily legible big display window: The product is equipped with a digital display and 6 level depth adjustments are available for better legibility.
3. Patented safety switch: when the cap is close, the lancing device can be loaded and triggered the pricking; when the cap is open, however, only ejection of used lancet can be done, thus, the misuse of used lancet is prevented.
4. Impressive quietness & painlessness: the product is designed with a guide rail and clad parts, which substantially reduce the laceration and sound caused by vibration.
5. Readily cleanable device body of smooth polished and excellent feel in grip: the device body is ingeniously designed with smooth polished for functionality and impressive high quality. The smooth polished does not accumulate dust and makes it easy for disinfection and cleaning.
6. Big button: Big button allows for easy operation and control and reduces operation mistakes.
7. Patented design: An ingenious mechanism for safe, simple and fast ejection of used lancet with one press.

Features of Medifun lancets

1. The lancet’s crystal tapered shape allows for reduced puncture area on skin and a painless blood sampling process.
2. Consolidated 3-D clad tail end for easy ejection and straight pricking, which reduces laceration and minimizes post-lancing pain.
3. Suitable for use with most lancing devices on the market.

Instructions for use:

(1) Place a lancet in the lancing device.
(2) Unscrew and remove the protective cap.
(3) After blood sampling, align the lancet with and insert it into the protective cap.(4) Dispose of the used lancet in a container to prevent inadvertent puncture injury.

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