Combo Pack Lancing Device

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Combo Pack Lancing Device Manufacturer

  • Lancing device: 1 pc (Black or White) / box
  • Lancets: 200 pcs (28G or 30G) / box (sterile)

Get a good quality lancing device from our Combo Pack Lancing Device Manufacturer. It consists of a black and white lancing device and 200pcs sterile needles. No need to gather blood sampling devices and needles separately; now, you can get everything in one place.

Our Medifun lancing devices have a crystal tapered shape that allows for a smaller puncture area on the skin and a painless blood sampling process. Moreover, they have a joined 3-D clad tail end for easy ejection and straight pricking. It helps in minimizing the laceration and pain after lancing. In addition, it is more affordable than the majority of lancing devices available in the market.

Painless And Ease of Use

Have difficulties in using your ordinary blood sampling? Stay calm because our Lancing Device Combo Factory Manufacturer has designed the lancing device with innovations. It has a flat surface, is easy to hold and operate, and has an ergonomic, stylish, and compact appearance. The entire surface has a non-slip stripe design, making the operation simple and free of gliding.

Moreover, you don’t have to buy needles and devices separately. Our combo pack comes with both at an affordable rate with quality material. Now pricking blood for a diabetic patient is easier and safer now as its smooth operation limits the pain and provides a painless pricking.

Following the pricking, you can eject the lancet by pushing the plunger with one hand and the thumb. An innovative and sophisticated design element that is also intuitive and feels very natural to use. Our Lancing Device Combo Factory Manufacturer will make everything easier for you!

Convenient And Handy Combo Pack

Our lancing devices and needles come with a patented safety switch that keeps the user from being pricked while the cap is open. It locks the cap when the device is ready to use. Our product is the industry’s 3rd Generation lancing device, while most system providers are still using 1st or 2nd Generation products with no safety features. You may get more information from our Combo Pack Lancing Device Manufacturer.

You can place orders right away without any difficulty because our safety lancet suppliers and exporters assist the customers day and night. Get an affordable combo pack of lancing devices today from our Lancing Device Combo Factory Manufacturer.