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Lancets: 200 pcs (28G or 30G) / box (steriled)

1. For use with Medifun lancing device for painless and convenient sampling of blood.
2. Special tapered-shape design for considerate reduction of laceration at puncture site.
3. Consolidated 3-D clad tail end for easy ejection and straight pricking for reduced laceration and minimal residual pain.
4. Compatible for use with most lancing devices on the market.
5. Sterilized with GAMMA ray.



Painless Blood Lancet Manufacturer

Product Description:

  • Hygienic collection of blood
  • Ease of use
  • Painless and convenient

Planning to contact a Painless Blood Lancet Manufacturer? Medifun painless blood lancets, available in a variety of configurations, are sold internationally and are known for their dependable quality and exceptional value. We manufacture our products uniquely as the brand of choice for healthcare professionals. Moreover, people who perform blood testing at home use such lancets.

In Taiwan, we’re the top Painless Blood Lancet Supplier of lancets and supply top-quality products at reasonable rates. Our blood lancets come in different series, and each has 100 or 200 pieces in a box. They have a comfortable and smooth surface that enhances the patient’s confidence in the product. After each use, you can easily dispose of the needle from your device because they are sterile twist-top lancets. In addition, it is the best way you can test your blood hygienically.

Purchase From Painless Blood Lancets Supplier

Medifun has a team of professional manufacturers who design our blood lancets with safe components. When you load your device for pricking, and if the cap is open, it is still safe to use as its patented safety switch prevents misuse and accident pricking. You need to get in touch with Painless Blood Lancet Supplier today!

When you load the lancets in your lancing device, fix it tightly to avoid any mishap or inconvenience, and twist the cap of the device. Make sure you are disposing of your lancet and load another one for the next usage.

Smooth Operation of Blood Lancets

Don’t want difficult lancing devices? No worries, our lancets are not only hygienic but painless to use; you will feel comfortable as it’s so smooth and makes you relaxed. They facilitate easy operation and control while reducing operational errors. It is a smart mechanism for the safe, simple, and quick ejection of lancets with a single press.

One box has enough lancets to utilize for a long time, and you can restock by contacting us again. The Painless Blood Lancet Manufacturer at Medifun is always available for 24/7 order placement globally. Place bulk orders for buying our wholesale blood-lancing devices.

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