Our Company Values


The chronic diseases have become the most critical and vital issues to healthcare industry. People tend to avoid or reduce the frequencies of testing mainly because of several reasons. 1. Lack of sufficient resource to get related IVD or medical devices to help people to do the test. 2.Lack of professional knowledge to correctly perform the tests. 3. Lack of easy, convenient or even stylish design of IVD or medical devices which can motivate or encourage people to perform the tests. As a result, poor healthcare management will lead to higher possibilities of complications caused by those chronic diseases and much higher social welfares cost are needed and much higher healthcare treatment and therapy expense are consumed afterwards. Sometimes, complicated things could be resolved by promoting easy concepts. That’s why WHO also strongly promotes the concepts that preventions of diseases are much more advanced and important than cure of them. Medifun’s mission simply follow such concepts and will lead people accept HCPs’ (Healthcare Professionals)advise to perform adequate and sufficient tests by using ergonomic, convenient and even stylish design of medical devices. “Simply cool” could be as easy and as possible when using medical devices just like using fancy consumer electronics product and meanwhile keep the safe and healthcare essential elements on the “Medifun developed “product.

A Little Of Our Story


Medifun devoted itself to better design, better user’s experience, innovative idea in medical device and related product which can help people improve their life quality and health management remarkably. Wish a seed of different concept in the beginning for Medical industry could then grow to a giant tree with large influence for people’s wellness and health management.

Company Introduction

Understanding what patients think and their needs, Medifun Corporation (abbreviated as ‘Medifun’ hereunder) coordinated with industry top designers and form a group of study for a lancing device that creates no vibration, nearly no sound and no pain feeling for patients when testing glucose readings or doing related self-testing at home. Medifun was founded at 2013, and have been creating numerous brand new designs and patents in the industry. Medifun is also the only manufacturer who won the red dot award and golden pin design award at the same time with brand new concept of lancing device helping people relief the pressure of home care testing and improve the quality of healthcare management and quality of life. Medifun will keep bring new concepts and products to help people to change the stereotype of thoughts on medical device which could be merely dull, boring, non-stylish and meanwhile getting brand new experiences for these excellent prodcuts.