High-End Medifun Lancing Device

  1. Innovative Design
  2. Affordable Price
  3. High Stability Performance

The goals in the development of Medifun LD-E1 lancing device were ease of use and a more painless pricking experience. Its ergonomic design makes it easy and intuitive to use. By reducing the vibration during the pricking, the size of the wound is minimized. The user feels less pain and is more comfortable. The depth of penetration can be adjusted on the cap and is easy to read through the big window. After the pricking, the used lancet can be ejected by pushing the plunger, using only one hand with thumb. An innovative and sophisticated design feature, that at the same time is intuitive and feels very natural to use. A patented safety switch prevents the user from being pricked while the cap is open, and will lock the cap from being open when device is cocked and ready for launch. Our product is define the 3rd Generation lancing device in the industry comparing most of system providers are still using 1st or 2nd Generation product without any safety features around.


Medifun Lancing Device

Product Description:

  • Innovative Design
  • Affordable Price
  • High Stability Performance

Medifun Lancing Device LED-E1 was designed with ease of use and a painless pricking experience in mind. Its ergonomic design makes it simple and easy to use. There are many conventional blood sampling devices available on the market. The problem with these devices is that they are quite difficult to use.

Our LED-E1-lancing comfort devices are your convenient partners while testing blood for a diabetic person. When already the patient is in pain in such a lifelong condition, we don’t want to add more pain to your life. In such a case, Medifun is proud to serve you with smooth and painless technology.

In addition, these devices reduce the vibration during pricking of the blood, which automatically reduces the wound size. Also, it offers highly stable performance and enhanced safety. As well as, the depth of penetration is adjustable on the cap and visible through the large window.

Innovative Design and High Quality

Many people fear using conventional and outdated devices because of the spread of chronic diseases, i.e., HIV. In the healthcare industry, our lancing devices are gaining popularity as our design is modern and safe to use. We focus on quality, so lancing device suppliers implement top-notch techniques to make our product unique.

Furthermore, they supply lancing devices in bulk quantities throughout different parts of the world. Many users and healthcare professionals prefer our good quality devices because of their patented design, the completely newly developed mechanics, and the high-quality processing that will ensure a painless experience.

Moreover, Medifun Lancing Device is totally safe and, most importantly, feels very natural to use. So, why wait for more when you can get a top-quality lancing device at affordable prices here? Get our amazing product delivered to your home easily without any hassle.

Contact our lancing device supplier today and avoid any inconvenience.

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